Enterprise Resource Planning

Cayenta provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of software solutions to meet a utility's needs for CIS, FMS, HCM and WMS.

headset_mic Customer Information System

Cayenta CIS is the customer management and utility billing solution that does it all, does it better, and does it for less.

Our solution enables best practices, streamlines business processes, improves customer service and enhances the meter-to-cash cycle to serve a utility's needs now and well into the future as those needs grow.

CRM and Automation

Cayenta CIS has all the features a utility needs to provide excellent customer service with full traceability of all contact points, including outbound messaging through letters, bills and notices. Our integrated Customer Preference Management (CPM) functionality allows utility customers to determine how they will receive that messaging via text, email, paper and/or phone.

The automation features include screen notifications, workflow, alerts, opportunities and account summary information to help customer service representatives respond faster and more accurately. CSRs can quickly address the customer's needs, advise them of programs and help the utility to build value in the brand.

For the utility customer, Cayenta is pleased to offer the award-winning SilverBlaze customer engagement platform. This web-portal solution allows the utility customer to be self-sufficient with account, bill, consumption and service inquiries. In addition, single sign-on (SSO) and iframe capabilities to payment processors are supported in order for customers to seamlessly and quickly pay their bills online. SilverBlaze CE may become a utility's best CSR!

Powerful and Flexible Billing

Cayenta CIS features a comprehensive billing module providing support for metered and non-metered services, including but not limited to electricity, gas, water, wastewater, solid waste and miscellaneous charges. Our solution effortlessly handles multi-service and multi-location billing, as well as net energy billing, budget billing and prepay billing.

Cayenta CIS works well across all segments of the utility industry: investor-owned, municipal and cooperative, and in both regulated and deregulated markets; we have utilities customers operaiting in all of these segments and operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Mobile Work Management

For fieldwork related to Cayenta's CIS or WMS, we offer Cayenta Mobile Work Management (MWM). MWM reduces a utility's dependence on paper service orders, allowing for both online and offline completion of work, and realtime, bi-directional updates when online. MWM is a responsive design solution, it runs on any laptop via a browser, or on Apple and Android devices via purpose-built apps.

account_balance Financial Management System

Cayenta Finance Management System (FMS) is a complete, highly configurable application that incorporates a full-suite of powerful, fully-integrated modules which handle your accounting needs effectively and efficiently. Cayenta FMS delivers robust reporting capabilities offering opportunities for deeper cost analysis and easier government compliance. Streamlined workflow processes improve productivity and accuracy.

General Ledger and Budgeting

Our General Ledger module provides your organization with the tools to adhere to evolving budget requirements. We offer an integrated financial system with real-time updates and inter-funding capabilities to manage budgets effectively.

Cayneta FMS has been developed as an integrated solution designed specifically for local governments. This software product suite provides a complete solution to all municipal accounting and reporting requirements.


The Cayenta Purchase Order module seamlessly integrates with Accounts Payable, Inventory and Connect Vendor. You do not enter the same information twice! Our Purchasing module provides a complete solution to manage the purchasing function from requisition to receipt of goods. The system provides a constant, up-to-date view of outstanding commitments.


Local governments must adhere to ever-increasing budget constraints. The right financial foundation is key for your organizations ability to adhere to these constraints efficiently. Cayenta FMS offers a software solution to streamline budget preparation, control expenditures and provide superior reporting. A unified, single application to meet all your business processes including budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis.

Accounts Payable

Cayenta's comprehensive Accounts Payable module includes vendor management, invoice processing, payment processing, regulatory reporting and compliance. Move from manual paper-based invoicing to a comprehensive and automated payables module.

Payment Processing

Cayenta's FMS offers an intuitive payment processing application, this module provides interactive access to customer accounts and/or any outstanding receivables. Reports can be generated at any time for the purpose of balancing, accounting, or management information.

Accounts Receivable

Cayenta's Accounts Receivable module will make your team more efficient, so you get paid faster by automating your processes, allowing you email your invoices and offering more payment options to your customers. With our award-winning Customer Information System (CIS) and Business License modules, they provide for a single, detailed view of the customer. Accounts Receivable provides a wealth of flexibility allowing complete freedom in its use.

Fixed Assets

Maintaining accurate up to date Fixed Asset records has never been more important. The Cayenta Fixed Asset Module maintains a comprehensive Fixed Asset Ledger with complete information reporting and inquiry features. Cayenta supports multiple accounting standards and reporting including GAAP, FERC, MACRS and IFRS accounting.

Grant Management

The Cayenta Grant Management module is designed to provide full end-to-end integration to the other Cayenta financial applications, which includes General Ledger, Job Costing, Accounts Receivable, Payment Processing and Contract Management.

assignment Work Management System

As a cornerstone of your organization’s operations, Cayenta’s Work Management suite offers flexible, fully-integrated modules which are used to manage Assets, Inventory and Work Orders for planning and costing. It is used by both operating and finance departments to maintain a jurisdiction’s assets and manage the efficient use of goods, service and manpower.

Work Order Management

Maximizing the value of your company’s assets is one of the hardest jobs within the industry today. With tightening budgets, regulatory requirements and greater complexity, managers need the right tools to track and manage assets. The Cayenta Work Management modules provide you all the tools you need – all within an integrated ERP application.

Job Costing

With Cayenta Job Costing, your organization will benefit from seamless data sharing and instantly available inquiries and reports for analysis. The Cayenta ERP application allows you to manage your business from a single solution and provide information to those who need it most, when they need it.

Inventory Management

The Cayenta Inventory system is a robust Inventory tracking and management system which allows you to effectively manage your inventory and related inventory movement transactions.

Inventory issues, returns, and adjustments are immediately charged to an account code, work order, or job number to ensure your inventory information is up-to-date and consistent across your organization.

Asset Management

Cayenta’s Asset Management Module provides you maximum financial control and system flexibility. The Asset Register contains the complete inventory of assets within your organization. The Asset Management Module becomes the core for all assets and related activities giving you complete visibility into your assets.

Preventative Maintenance

Cayenta Preventative Maintenance provides a system-assisted method to plan and schedule maintenance for both assets and maintenance activities. It provides the ability to schedule and track required and regular maintenance activities for assets defined in our Asset Management module.

Job Costing and Work Orders

Cayenta Job Costing aggregates costs from various sources which are confirmed against budgets to build comprehensive reporting.

Costs are reported in project summaries or tracked in detail in the Work Order Management System.

Mobile Work Management

For field work related to Cayenta's CIS or WMS, we offer Cayenta Mobile Work Management (MWM). MWM reduces a utility's dependence on paper work orders, allowing for both online and offline completion of work, and realtime, bi-directional updates when online. A responsive-design solution, MWM runs on any laptop via a browser or Apple and Android devices via purpose-built apps.

assignment_ind Human Capital Management

Cayenta’s Human Capital Management System provides all the tools required to manage your organization's payroll, workforce information, benefits and hire-to-retire process for employees. Routine tasks are automated; data entry is reduced; and reporting is simplified and easily accessible in a single, secure database.

Payroll Administration

Cayenta’s Payroll System is a functionally rich module that enables flexibility in earning entries, deduction calculation, and tracking various elements of employee information. The system is completely parameter driven to allow ease of adaptation to your unique payroll processing needs.

Benefits Administration

Cayenta’s Human Capital Management allows you to define and maintain benefit plans, beneficiaries, dependents, and family members to keep important information easily accessible. This function gives you on-line access, via Inquiries, to view employees' current benefit coverage and review what is available to them. Benefit change history will be tracked for easy reference.

apps Connect

Connect is Cayenta’s suite of task-oriented self-service web applications. Connect applications have streamlined feature sets that are intended to be accessed from anywhere on any device.

These applications are designed for end-users of all skill levels from novice to intermediate. Connect provides an easy, common shared experience across organizations for vendors, customers, managers, office staff, and field service technicians alike.

Connect Applications

  • Connect Finance
  • Connect Managers
  • Connect Employees
  • Connect Time Entry
  • Connect Timecard
  • Connect Vendors
  • Connect Requests
  • Connect Expenses

cloud Cayenta Cloud

Caytenta’s software applications can be delivered as a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution called Cayenta Cloud. Cayenta Cloud is built on the industry-leveraging global cloud platform which allows us to deliver the performance, scalability, reliability and availability that our customers require. The platform also allows us to continue to comply with the strict security standards set forth by industry regulators. Cayenta’s managed services team, developers and application consultants have deep expertise on our platform which gives us the ability to support our Cayenta Cloud customers end-to-end.